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About Creative Dream Productions:

Welcome to Creative Dream Productions, a world wide cutting-edge production company that works closely with the entertainment industry and various artists to creatively produce the best projects that involve music videos, tv shows, movies, commercials, documentaries, interviews and event coverage that the world has seen.

CDP prides itself on bringing music artists from all genres the latest technology in videos, working with a range of budgets and creating the hottest concepts the public has seen. We have earned a solid reputation working with several major label artists and celebrities that are our satisfied clients over the years.

Our high status clientele proves that We have the experience needed when working with new clients. With several years of industry experience, we are able to produce and develop commercials and TV shows that are scripted or based on reality. CDP is highly experienced by having shot dozens of commercials and producing and filming 3 different tv shows. Having the luxury of being backed by one of the largest agencies world wide, we have a lot of access in promoting and marketing new projects. We provide various services to artist to help market, promote and grow there brand. Not only do we work in front of the camera, we also extend our skills to include in house writers,directors and producers.

We work closely with clients in capturing raw and behind-the-scenes footage for any event. We also capture documentaries, interviews concerts or any event coverage.CDP works with all clients from start to finish on all projects, ensuring a complete product in the end. We also put together creative treatments for all projects making sure they are tailored to suit each individual client. However we provide services in post production work, finishing a previous project. We work with all fair budgets and genres of entertainment. CDP also offers website services and a celebrity photographer for any type of photoshoot. We are proud to say we are in the works of shooting and producing afeature film.

Please take a look at our work and view all the services we offer. contact us directly for any questions. We hope to assist you in your upcoming projects.

The Game Ft Rick Ross
& 2 Chainz - Ali Bomaye

Ray J - I Hit It First

Juicy J Ft Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz
Bandz A Make Her Dance